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Past Event

Sunday Session : 17th June

Session 1 : Linkedn - Beyond Networking Session : Virtual Reality

16th Jun 2018

Election 2018-19

Final Nomination For 2018-19 Executive Committee are : President - Brij Sarda; Secretary - Prasad Kotarwar; Vice President - Aniruddh Hazra; Pradeep Jeswani; Treasurer - Saurabh Mohta. Members : Prasanna Dani, Rajendra Jindal, Rahul Zawar, Harish Mantri, Rajkumar Gandhi, Mahendra Girdhar, Arvind Agrawal.

4th Mar 2018

Raise the Game by Amod Deshpande.

Super Sunday | 25 June | Lessons from Sports | Call Sachin Jahagirdar 9822 32 5265.

25th Jun 2017

Advertising Nuances by Dr. Tripti Dhoti

Super Sunday | 11 June | Advertising Nuances | Call Anirudhh Hazra 788803 29862.

11th Jun 2017


6 Book Reviews in a Day | To participate Swar Gattani 9422110246.

26th Feb 2017

Awakening Arjuna

25 Participants | 2 Days | CEOs Only | Call Brij Sarda 9822 465 497.

9th Feb 2017

Management Sport

Cricket Extravaganza | 10 am to 10 pm | Ambedkar College Grounds.

21st Jan 2017


Second GBM to be held on 25th December. All MEMBERS are requested to be present. (Quorum of such meeting shall be 30% of the Members, subject to a minimum of 10 Members, present in person. In absence of which the Meeting shall stand adjourned and reconvened after half an hour at same place same day.)

25th Dec 2016

Pricing in the Era of E-Commerce by Metghdoot Karnik

1015 am | The Lounge-Chitnavis Centre | Call Dipesh Ajmera - 937 101 4449.

13th Nov 2016

"Align & Accelerate" Public Discourse by Swami Advaitanand

1015 am | Persistent Systems | Call Prasad - 95 4545 1161

25th Sep 2016

Gyan Contest

04 Sept | 6 Participants | P D - Dr Prashant Agarwal - 9422 306 811.

4th Sep 2016

MSME Workshop

Rs. 500/- per participant | Contact Rajeev Mishra - 9823 140 943.

24th Aug 2016

Walk The Talk

With Dr Sheetal Amte, CEO @ Anandvan | To Register Call - Mahendra - 9922 74 0085

14th Aug 2016

Filmi Funda

Lessons from Movies | Coordinator - Aniruddh - 9422 80 5402

3rd Jul 2016

Public Event

Ideas from Puranas : Devdutt Pattnaik

26th Jun 2016


1030 am | Chitnavis Centre.

8th May 2016

The Rising Sun

0800 Hrs | Saturday | 50 Kms from Nagpur| Rs. 500 per person |

21st Feb 2016

Updating ISO Standards

Gyan by Saurabh Mohota 3rd January, 2015, 10.30 Sharp Laburnum, Chitnavis Centre, Civil Line, Nagpur.

3rd Jan 2016


Main Session by Rajendra Jindal 3rd January, 2015. After Gyan Session Laburnum, Chitnavis Centre, Civil Line, Nagpur.

3rd Jan 2016

The science of developing good habits

by Mr. Vinayak Gavankar

27th Dec 2015

"2015 that was, 2016 what I want to be"

By Mr. Alok Dhotekar 10.30 am sharp at Laburnum, Chitnavis center, civil lines, Nagpur. Note: Special handouts for first 50 members.

27th Dec 2015

Can We Scale the Everest?

Banyan | 1015 am | Chitnavis Centre | Free Entry | Powered by Hi-Tech Polyplast.

25th Oct 2015

Filmi Funda

Learnings from Movies

25th May 2015

Negotiation Skills

Full Day Workshop | Heritage Embassy |

14th Mar 2015


10 Books Reviewed in a Day | Open For All |

8th Mar 2015

Empowering Business Owners

Feb 11 & 18 | Chitnavis Centre | 0530 pm |

18th Feb 2015

Bhaag Manager Bhaag.....!!

Strategic Cricket | Day & Night ! Call 9422 80 5402 | 880 5252 300 |

17th Jan 2015

Art of Speaking !

Sun N Sand | Full-Day Workshop | Nov 2014 |

12th Nov 2014

Darr Ke Aage Seekh Hai !

Adventure Camp | Banks of Gnages |

30th Oct 2014

Udaan-Take the Flight

Sept 20 & 21 | Sun N Sand |

20th Sep 2014

Empowering Employees

All Fridays in Sept | Chitnavis Centre |

5th Sep 2014

Maxo-Masti !

Members and Families | Naivedyam Celebrations|

31st Aug 2014

We The People !

24 Aug | Tamarind | Free for All |

24th Aug 2014

Recipe of Delightful Services !

1030 am | Laburnum | Chitnavis Centre |

27th Jul 2014

Building High Power Teams !

Full Day Workshop | Faculty - G Bala | Sun N Sand |

20th Jul 2014

Exploring International Markets-An Eye on the U K

Speaker - NRI Chandru Iyer | 5 pm | Mimosa | Chitnavis Centre |

19th Jul 2014

Gyan Contest !

Powered by Saboo Plastics

13th Jul 2014

Pursuit of Happiness !

Memosa | Chitnavis Centre | 0830 am |

5th Jul 2014

Wonder Tool Made Highly Efffective !

Workshop on Basic Excel !

22nd Jun 2014

Annual General Body Meeting

A.G.M Notice Notice is hereby given that the 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members of Vidarbha Management Association will be held on 11th May 2014 at 10.30am at Chitnavis Center, Board Room, besides Hislop College, Civil Lines, Nagpur. The following business will be discussed/addressed in the AGM- 1. Secretary report for the year 2013-14 2. Treasurer report for the year 2013-14 3. Adoption of report with audited accounts 4. Change of guard 5. Introduction of new executive committee members 6. Appointment of auditor for the year 2014-15 7. Annual planner for the year 2014-15 8. Budget for the year 2014-15 The time and order of the business will be circulated after approval of agenda in executive meet. Note: Quorum 30% of members. If no quorum is established then meeting will be adjourned for 30 minutes and reconvened without any quorum. Thanking you, Mustafa Maimoon Secretary, Vidarbha Management Association

11th May 2014

Main Session

CA Julfesh Shah will give a talk on Bank finance for SME's on 27th april 2014

27th Apr 2014

Gyan Capsule

This Sunday Mr Sanket Singhee will deliver a talk on carbon footprint, in his 15min gyan capsule.

20th Apr 2014

Main Session

With increasing competition keeping the price levels down and increasing needs of customers; many companies find it hard to contain costs and develop a mindset that maintaining quality of service or product is very expensive. Dr R.R. Lakhe brings a paradigm shift in thinking that increasing quality or serving customers increasing demands is not expensive and can be done within the same cost structure. Dr Lakhe will give a talk on "Quality Improvement in your organization" after the gyan capsule. Dr Lakhe is co-author of the book TQM in Service Sector and runs a firm by the name of Shreyas Quality Management System.

20th Apr 2014

Gyan session

This Sunday Dr Ashutosh Paturkar will give a talk on "managing inevitable change" in his 15 minutes gyan capsule.

13th Apr 2014

Main Session

Followed by Mr Vivek Thakkar who, will deliver a talk on "retail consumer behavior and trends". Mr Thakkar runs the fast expanding Punit Super Bazar chain of stores. Currently they have 5 stores in the city. Gyan capsule starts sharp at 10:30am this Sunday at Udhyog bhavan.

13th Apr 2014

Sunday 06-04-2014

Dear members, This Sunday Shikha Tyagi, ex-VP Sales & Marketing, Pepsico India will share her experiences and challenges of building a sales and distribution network. Sharp @ 10.30 AM. Thanking you Mustafa

6th Apr 2014

Sunday Session 30/03/2014

Mr M.K.Sharma, President Bajaj Steel Limited will share his insight how to get work done in an organisation. Gyan on smarter procurement by Swar Gattani.

30th Mar 2014

Seminar on Decision Making

Decisions can make or break your business. An effective decision is the one in which the entrepreneur forecasts the outcome of each alternative available and chose’s the best alternative . To take a correct decision in the business the person should know the following: 1. Various type of costs and their significance. 2. Allocation of overheads 3. Break Even Point 4. Time Value of Money 5. Discounted Cash Flow Method Keeping in mind the above points VMA is coming up with a seminar on “Effective Decision Making using the Principles of Costing and Financial Management” this Sunday i.e 23rd March at Udyog Bhawan, Civil Lines, Nagpur. Faculty are Mr Milind Mohta, Cost and Management Accountant and Mr Pushpak Chourasiya, Chartered Accountant The timing for the seminar is 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM. The Project Co-ordinator is Mr Prasad Phasate (08087005878). Seminar is free for all.

23rd Mar 2014

Main session

Top 10 Business Laws a Businessman Must Know! Dont miss this overview as this is a must for all ! The seession will be taken by Sr Adv Kshitij Dharmadhikari ! He will throw light on laws such as - Payment of Bonus Act, Minimum Wages Act, Bombay Shops and Establishment Act, PF, Gratuity, ESIC and others !

16th Mar 2014


This Sunday first 15mins will be taken by Mr Sachin Jagirdar on "Building Blocks vs Tumbling Blocks an apologue from history".

9th Mar 2014

Main Session

It is well known that more the amount of data available at the time of making a business decision, the decision is more efficient and in the right direction. CA Sandip Dhodapkar, will give a talk on the topic "Achieving internal control and profitability through MIS (management information system)". Meeting starts sharp at 10:30am, Udhyog Bhavan.

9th Mar 2014


This Sunday the meeting will start with continuation of Idea Bank with it's 9th speaker Mr Rohit Chandak.

2nd Mar 2014

Main Session

Mr Ravindra Aher, will deliver a talk on Blue Ocean strategy. This Sunday @ 10:30am, Udhyog Bhavan

2nd Mar 2014

Idea Bank 2014!!!

9 speakers...9 great ideas.. be there at 10:30am sharp...

23rd Feb 2014

Main Session

The Main Speaker for this Sunday is Shri Govindlalji Agrawal, of Miltech Industries, an Eminent Business House engaged in the Manufacture of Defence equipment. Shri GL Agrawal will share his wisdom His role and his journey through the Growth of the business organisation. As well handling various social obligations within time.

16th Feb 2014


Coming Sunday i.e. 16th of FEB 2014 we are coming with A wonderful Gyan session by our Member Aniruddha Hazra of Hi tech polyplast, on the "Magic of Distribution Channel"

16th Feb 2014


This Sunday i.e.: 9th February 2014, 3rd General Body Meeting will start at 10:30am venue Udhyog Bhavan, Civil Lines.

9th Feb 2014


Gyan XL on the topic "Are you listening" by Rahul Gugaliya, head of marketing and sales at Godrej Anandam.

9th Feb 2014

Main Session

Dr. Abhijeet Agashe will give a talk on the Topic 'Understanding Marketing From the Customer's Perspective'

2nd Feb 2014


Mr Ajit Doval, Former head of operation of intelligence bureaus will be taking a session on excellence in leadership at Sai Sabhagruh. For passes contact Mr Anand Dhopte-9373110292

18th Jan 2014

Gyan Session

This Sunday the meeting will start with a 15 minutes book review on "How to win friends and influence people" by Mr Mohammad Master.

12th Jan 2014

Main Session

Followed by Senior CA J S Oberoi, he will be speaking on "success and failures in businesses". Mr Oberoi throughout his career has consulted numerous businesses as a chartered accountant , he would be sharing his experiences of why some business failed and how some grew. It is a must attend session if you want to grow your business. The Sunday meeting starts sharp at 10:30am, Udhyog Bhavan.

12th Jan 2014

Bibliophyl 2013

10 Back to Back book reviews.... this Sunday @ 10:30am

29th Dec 2013

Gyan Session

Healthy body is a house for a productive and positive mind. It has a significant effect on our attitude towards various issues in our day to day life, needless to say it also affects our efficiency in managing our business. This Sunday Mr Sudhir Giri in his gyan will share his experiences on "Health Management".

8th Dec 2013

Main Session

Wikipedia defines Emotional intelligence as the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. Emotional Intelligence is a leadership trait for some it comes naturally and some have to learn it. Either ways Emotional Intelligence can be used very effectively for not only leadership but in general to understand and control individuals and group dynamics. Dr Smita Dabholkar will speak on Emotional Intelligence its five skills and how it can be developed. She is a eminent faculty at IMT Nagpur, a certified trainer for MBTI and also authored a book “Bury you Can’t.. Why ask for a Job? Why not create one?” Gyan session begins sharp a 10:30am this Sunday at Udhyog Bhavan. Please be in your seats by 10:25am.

8th Dec 2013

Gyan Session

Personal and business data theft from computers and computer networks is a big problem now days. How can we best protect ourself from it? This Sunday's gyan session will be taken by Mr Shriniwas Malge on "Network and IT security threats".

1st Dec 2013

Main Session

The gyan session will be followed by a talk by Mr Prashant Mohta of Gimatex Industries. The topic of the talk is “How to spin your success story”. Gimatex Industries is a vertically integrated company in Textiles right from Ginning, Spinning, Weaving & Processing. In a short span of 5 years he has helped his company grow manifold & spread its wings to various locations across India. Also under his spirited leadership he has been able to change his 100+ year old company to a lean, IT-savvy and innovative company with his various Change Management approach. Today his company gives direct employment to about 500 staff and more than 3000 workers. Mr Mohta is currently the Vice President of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) and and Vice Chairman of Confederation of Indian Textile Industry – Young Entreprenuers Group (CITI – YEG) and a executive member of CITI committee.

1st Dec 2013

Basic Excel Workhsop

5 hour workshop

24th Nov 2013

GBM & Gyan XL

GBM followed by GyanXL on fake note detection & RBI's clean note policy by Mr Subodh Joshi of HDFC bank on 20 October 2013 (this Sunday)@ 10:30am Udhyog Bhavan

20th Oct 2013

Gyan Session

Do you know that using freelancing websites we can outsource a lot of our work? And as a bonus we can get it done from experts all around the world. But at the same time in a very cost effective manner and at times cheaper than getting it done locally! Mr Mithilesh Jindal this Sunday in his Gyan session will show us how it can be done with live demos.

6th Oct 2013

Main Session

Main session on Marketting by Mr Vishal Agrawal of Plasto. The Gyan session starts sharp at 10:30am this Sunday. Both are very good topics and speakers have vast and first hand experience on these topics. Donot miss!!

6th Oct 2013

Gyan Session

This Sunday we have Gyan on "7 Dimensions of Life" by Vilas Bhimte.

29th Sep 2013

Sunday Session

Gyan session will be followed by Mr Nirav Pachmatia who will take us through the current economic scenario and what is happening in the Indian economy and International economy. What is influencing what? on a global and national scale, its implications to the Indian economy. Mr Nirav appears regularly on leading business channels like “CNBC Awaaz”. He is a leading Financial Trainer having conducted training programs across India for IES & IRS Officers, Income tax Asstt. Commissioners, CAs, MBAs , Bizmen & Industrialists & Students as well.

29th Sep 2013

Gyan Session

This Sunday Gyan Session will be taken by Mr Vinay Sarda.

22nd Sep 2013

Sunday Session

Mr Sarda will be speaking on how to turn-around a loss making unit. He will also share his personal experience of how he managed to turn-around his company Sharda Ispat Ltd.

22nd Sep 2013

Full Day Sales Seminar on 15/09/2013

Dear Members, Under Management Development Series (MDS) we are organizing a full day workshop on Sales Management on 15th September. The workshop will be taken by renowned faculty Mr Sanjay Singh. He is a visiting faculty for Sales and distribution in IIM, Kolkota. He mentors leading brands of the country like ICICI, Airtel, Godrej&Boyce, Bosch, Su Kam and Tata Indicom. Sanjay prides in working with Start-up brands like Rankjunction. com and The workshop is specifically aimed and designed keeping in mind the SME sector. Participants of the workshop can be business owners, CEO, sales and marketting managers, students and generally anyone who is interested in learning sales technique. Under the MDS banner previously we have conducted various workshops and seminars such as Effective Project Management in association with PMI, Fraud prevention and detection, A Leader Prepares, 7 Habits, etc. In MDS series the workshops/seminars aim to give through and upto-date knowledge of the subject topic. The faculties who are invited for MDS are of National level. Please contact project director Mr Prasad Phasate (8087005878) for registrations. Fees Rs 1,500. Thanking you Mustafa Maimoon Secretary, Vidarbha Management Association

15th Sep 2013

Gyan Session

How many of us know the importance of a HR manual? and do we know how to make one? This Sunday Ms Sachi Sodha will through light on these issues in the Gyan Session.

8th Sep 2013

Main Session

After the Gyan session we have a expert in communication, Dr Suresh Chari coming in. Dr Chari is one of central India's finest faculty in communication skills. He will talk about how every individual has a different style of communication and which one suits him best.

8th Sep 2013

Gyan session

Tomorrow in the Gyan session we have a interesting and thought provoking video from Youtube. The moderator has it as a surprise and has promised it will be awesome.

25th Aug 2013

Sunday Session

The main session will be taken by founder president Mr Prashant Godbole. He will discuss various issues like- 1) What separates great businesses and great leaders from the rest. 2) The secrets of creating extra-ordinary organizations. 3) People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it? Have you figured out your why?

25th Aug 2013

Sunday Session

After the gyan session we will use collective wisdom of more than 300yrs that is present in VMA for a unique brain storming session. You may ask me how did I arrive at this figure of 300yrs. The calculation is- attendence 60 memebrs x 8to15 yrs average business experience = 720yrs approx. Now just imagine if all this experience is clubbed together for finding out solutions for business problems/issues we can get very innovative and practical solutions. Members who wish to present there business problems/issues are welcome to send the details on Gyan session starts sharp at 10:30am this sunday.

18th Aug 2013

Gyan Session

Gyan session will be taken by Ms Apurva Durugkar. She will present a book review on the book "One Minute Manager". She claims that the book is very exciting to read and gives a lot of insight. She urges everyone to read this book and to attend the gyan session tomorrow. Gyan session starts sharp at 10:30am this sunday.

18th Aug 2013

Sunday Session

The Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it probably will! Stuff happens at the last minute, leaving everybody surprised by it. How do then event managers deliver a flawlessly synchronized event? Be it a launch of a product or a wedding. Be it a corporate event or a b'day party. Be it brand promotion event or an exhibition. There is always a desi way and a professional way to do it. This Sunday ( 11 August 2013, 10:30 am, Udyog Bhavan) learn to beat the Murphy's Law by attending a session on "Management Wisdom from Event Managers" from the professionals- Mr. Nilay Verma and Mrs Manisha Verma of The Refuge. About the Speakers: The young and dynamic Mr Nilay Verma and Mrs. Manisha Verma of The Refuge are amongst the most well known event planners in Central India. In its journey of 15 years The Refuge is now present in Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Goa and has to its credits the events done for ITC Ltd, Coca-Cola India Ltd, HLL, Seagrams, Pepsi, Mahindra and Mahindra, YMCA, Reliance, Maruti Suzuki Ltd, Bajaj Auto, Saint Gobain to name a few.

11th Aug 2013

Gyan Session

Gyan session by Vinod Saboo

11th Aug 2013

Gyan Session

Are you ready to get inspired by Milkha Singh this Sunday? Mr Anup Wankhede in his Gyan session will take us through the journey of Milka Singh of how he overcame different challenges, failed but bounced back again with a even greater zeal.

4th Aug 2013

Sunday Session

Can we dare expansion in turbulent times? From Catering to Hospitality, from Dial for Food to Restaurant. Revisit the journey of expansion and learn how Mr Narendra Jog of Jog Hospitality did it.

4th Aug 2013

Sunday Session and GBM - 28/07/2013

The 1st General Body Meeting (GBM) will be held from 10:30am onwards on 28/07/2013. Gyan XL session by Prasana Dani on "Changes to Mediclaim Policies by IRDA". The venue for both the events would be Udyog Bhavan, Civil Lines, Nagpur.

28th Jul 2013

Gyan Session

This Sunday we have gyan on book review of the book "Th Ultimate Gift". It is a best seller. If you haven't read it, you must attend the gyan session at 10:30am sharp this sunday. Gyan By Saurabh Mohta

21st Jul 2013

Main Session

Growth comes with challenges. How can we over come these challenges? Mr Tarit Kumar Sarkar, Director of Mecgale Pneumatics Pvt Ltd. will share his experiences. He has been awarded as most promising entrepreneur in 2012 by Enterprise Asia. It is a must attend session.

21st Jul 2013

Gyan Session

Practical techniques to hire & keep people. Gyan by Veerbhai Kewalramani tomorrow sharp @ 10:30am, Udhyog Bhavan

14th Jul 2013

Gyan Session

We have all seen tender advertisements in the news papers, internet ad other media. But do we know how tendering works? What are the benefits and pitfalls? Is it profitable? Gyan by Shailesh Mandhana on Tenders.

7th Jul 2013

Main Session

LBT has now been implemented. CA Ashwin Agrawal will throw light on how we can successfully implement LBT in our organizations. Basic queries like filling of returns and maintenance of records will be answered together with more complex queries.

7th Jul 2013

Sunday Workshop

Dear Members, Wikipedia defines Innovation as "Innovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs". Lately we all have seen Samsung mobiles whose market share was minuscule in mobiles suddenly is a leader in smart phone market. At a point even giving Apple a run for its money. How did this happen? Well it is innovation. With innovation we can catapult our organisations/business to newer heights and may be even become market leaders in our respective fields. At VMA we reliased the importance of Innovation and hence we are holding a workshop on the same. The workshop itself is very innovative and will include a lot of field activities. Please reach Udhyog Bhavan at 10:25am sharp. Late comers will not get to participate. The workshop will be taken by Fazle Imdad. Fazle is founder of Exploitia and also a patent holder. His patent has been recognized by IIM as among top patents in India. Regards, Mustafa Maimoon Secretary, Vidarbha Management Association

23rd Jun 2013

Sunday Session

This Sunday see how MIS (Information System) in your organisation can help you analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities. Speaker Mr Rakesh Khaotre founder of Light Hose Systems. He is also a visiting faculty at Department of Business Management- Nagpur University for MIS and Business Ethics. He has been on the Executive Committee of Vidarbha Industries association (VIA) for many years.

16th Jun 2013

Gyan Session

Is taking a franchise or giving a franchise a viable option for expanding your business? We have Gyan by Dipesh Ajmera, the topic is "All about Franchises". He will talk about advantages and disadvantages of taking a franchise and giving a franchise.

16th Jun 2013

Sunday Session

This Sunday Mr Deepak Chowdhary will share his experiences of founding and running his company MPM Pvt Ltd. A journey that started in 1984.

9th Jun 2013

Gyan Session

The Gyan session will be taken by CA Anup Yawalkar on different Subsidies offered by State Government to new and existing units.

9th Jun 2013

Gyan Session

Gyan session by Rajendra Jindal on "Difference between online and Retail shopping". Today with increased number of websites offering clothes to airline tickets, computers to toasters and rice to pizzas online. Is it better to shop online or is it wiser to go to a shop and buy?

2nd Jun 2013

Main Session

Mr Sunil Mahabat, Deputy General Manager Central Services and Improvement Cell, in Mahindra & Mahindra he will speak on "importance of Innovation in today's world and future". He will share how Innovation is being currently done at Mahindra, How can Innovation be structured, TRIZ tool/concept for innovation and how can lean concept be used in innovation.

2nd Jun 2013

Main Session

This Sunday Mr Arun Saxena CEO of Easy Pack Software will address various topics such as attrition rate, retaining talent, managing a big team of employees based on his experiences of running a 600+ employee company. 10:30am Sharp at Udhyog Bhavan

26th May 2013

Gyan Session

Gyan by Vinayak Gawankar on "The unusual stories & secrets of extra ordinary people" Sharp @ 10:30am

26th May 2013

Sunday Session

Lets build a culture of continuous improvement in the organisation. Understanding KAIZEN by Yashodhan Kanade. Gyan on understanding Cash Flow by CA Neeraj Kakotwar

19th May 2013

Annual General Body meeting

Annual General Body meeting of 20012-13 will be held at Udyog Bhavan Civil lines at 10.30 AM. Meeting will be followed by Lunch.

12th May 2013

Technology workshop for SMEs

Seminar on how can I deploy technology tools effectively in SME organization by Chandra Bhople and Akbar Kamal? Duration: 4 hours. Venue Udyog Bhavan. Starts 10 AM sharp

5th May 2013

Marketing workshop for SMEs

Faculty: a) Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar, DAIMSR Nagpur & b) Prof. Milind Fadnavis, IMT Nagpur Areas to be covered: a) Product and Marketing Research b) Market Segmentation c) Product Promotion d) New Challenges in Marketing Date:28 April 2013 Time:9:00 am to 3:00 pm Venue: Hotel Peanut, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

28th Apr 2013

Gyan Session - 21.04.13

GOLD (facts & trivia) by Rohit Jain

21st Apr 2013

Main Session - 21.04.13

Sanjay Singh on 3M (Monitor, Measure & Maintain) sales for sustained sales growth

21st Apr 2013

"How to Think" by Swami Advaitanandaji?

If you want to be successful, you must posses the ability to think like a successful person. You can THINK AND GROW RICH says one of the most famous book of all times by Napoleon Hill. It becomes all the important to learn the technique of "How to Think?" Attend session by Swami Advaitanandaji this Sunday at Naivedhyam hall. Contact Nayan Divecha (9823060715) for entry passes. Entry pass is for Rs.200 only. If member pays membership renewal fee, 1 pass is free for Individual & 2 passes in case of Corporate member This session can be greatly useful to you, your family members, friends, customers as well. Give them a wonderful gift and bring them along.

14th Apr 2013

Sunday Main Session - 07.04.13

Climate Change – Business Opportunities by Dr. C.V. Chalapati Rao, Chief Scientist National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur 440 020

7th Apr 2013

Sunday Gyan Session - 07.04.13

Management Lessons from life of Swami Vivekananda by Sunil Kitkaru

7th Apr 2013

Sunday Main Session - 31.03.13

Strategy brings everything one needs to take their business to next phase of growth. A strategic plan is a sure way to drive your organization forward. Learn more about strategy from Dr. Rajnandan Patnaik of IMT.

31st Mar 2013

Sunday Gyan Session - 31.03.13

Amit Badiyani on Project Management

31st Mar 2013

Body Language by Srikant Sampat

Understand and decode the mystery of body language from Srikant Sampat!Understand the person by what is actually saying or communicating. Is his yes a yes or actually a no or he is not sure from his body gestures?

24th Mar 2013

Seminar on Effective Project Management

Vidarbha Management Association & Project Management Institute, Pune-Deccan India Chapter Presents: One Day Seminar for Entrepreneurs, SME’s & Professionals on Project Management This seminar is for cultivating Project Management know-how among academicians, industry professionals & entrepreneurs. Topics for the Seminar Faculty 1 Introduction of PMI and Its Methodologies Mr. Girish R Kadam 2 PM Processes and Knowledge Areas Mr. Girish R Kadam 3 Professional Responsibility, Ethics and Way to Project Management Excellence Mr. Girish R Kadam 4 Quality, Human Resources and Risk Management Mr. Harish Honwad 5 Scope, Time and Cost Management Mr. Harish Honwad 6 Innovation and Operational Excellence Mr. Jay Dholakia 7 Procurement, Stakeholder Management Registration Details: Program fee for VMA Members: Rs.1500 (Till 17th March only otherwise Rs.1750) & for non VMA Members: Rs. 1750 For Registration: 1) Contact: Mr. Prasad Phasate No: +91-8087005878 Email: 2) Mr. Piyush Dattatraya No: +91-7875770181 Email: Venue: Hotel Radisson Blu, Nagpur on Saturday 23rd March, 2013. Timing: 8.30am - 5.30pm

23rd Mar 2013

Gyan session - 17.03.2013

Gyan on Inventory Management by Yusuf Master

17th Mar 2013

Main Session - 17.03.13

What Income Tax provisions we must make before finacial year end? Session by CA Naresh Jakhotia on MAKING MARCH MEANINGFUL

17th Mar 2013

Gyan Session - 10.03.13

Ever wondered why sometimes university-toppers perform averagely in life and how average students become highly successful in their career? Frequently, this difference is created due to the varying Emotional Intelligence in them. Studies show that Emotional Intelligence is twice as effective as IQ in determining an individual’s success in any organization. So, What is Emotional Intelligence? How can it be developed?

10th Mar 2013

Sunday Main Session on 10.03.13

Mr. Atul Shah, who has entered and exited successfully from many business in his journey as a entrepreneur. Some of the lines of business he entered are Credit card dealership, Home loan franchisee, Coal handling, Aptech computer training franchisee, Real estate consultancy, Distant education, MBA preparation, CA coaching and many more. He believes in out of box thinking, having exit strategy for every business & attitude is more important than formal education.

10th Mar 2013

Express to Impress- Half day workshop by Rashmi Priya

It is rightly said, “First Impression is the last Impression” It’s a typical problem we face that we are unable to communicate properly what is in our mind. Thereby, failing to impress the person in front. Unintentionally though. There are many aspects of an Impressive Communication. It is a blend of good presentation skills, right choice of words, a write-up, good public speaking, etc. In this workshop, Ms. Rashmi Priya, our faculty on presentation and Communication skills, will focus on various aspects and will tell us how to impress at the first go. If you wish to Impress the people you meet, do attend this workshop.Seats are available on first come first save basis. Batch size is restricted to 30 participants only Workshop Co-Ordinator – Sachin Jahagirdar Contact No – 9822 32 5265 Participation Fees – Rs. 300/- Per Participant You may also contact Ritesh Panpaliya @ 9890 601 325 OR Prafulla Baid @ 9373 110 107 Note: Breakfast, Tea during break & Lunch will be provided (cost included)

3rd Mar 2013

Sunday Gyan Session - 03.03.12

How to define identity & retain customers? Gyan session by Kartik Kale on "Customer relations"

3rd Mar 2013

Sunday Main Session - 03.03.12

What are the business opportunities in Vidarbha? Which sector has more potential? What opportunities exists in Logistics, Tourism, Agro, Food processing, IT in Vidarbha region. Session by Akash Agrawal on Insights from Advantage Vidarbha - Nagpur's biggest business related event till date.

3rd Mar 2013

Gyan session - 24.02.2013

Mohan Kundle on Effective Communication

24th Feb 2013

Main Session - 24.02.13

CA Yash Verma on Local Body Taxes (LBT) - Compliances, advantages & disadvantages.

24th Feb 2013

2 Day workshop on Microsoft Excel

• This training program is for persons who are using excel on regular basis and are aware of all its basic functionalities and want to learn advance functions. • Venue: Hotel Peanut, Ramdaspeth, Lendra park (Lane opposite to Bonsai store) • Only 15 participants on first come, first serve basis. No spot booking. • Participants need to bring their own laptop. • Morning breakfast & Lunch, Tea during breaks will be served and is covered in the cost. • Program fee is Rs.3,500.00 per participant. • Registration for the programs should be made with Dipesh Ajmera (Project Director) @; 9371014449 • Trainer for the program is Mr. Ambarish Tarte (Microsoft Certified Trainer) of Tech & Training Corporate Solutions limited, Mumbai. This company provides training on excel to leading blue chip companies of India. More info is available on • Study Material will be provided. Course Content in detail Formatting Worksheets Cell Formatting and Custom Formatting Dynamic effects using basic Conditional Formatting Advanced Conditional formatting Working with Names Creating, editing and deleting a Name Range Scope of a Name Range Implementing named ranges in formulas and functions Working with Formulas and Referencing Techniques Nesting formulas and functions Cell Referencing and Addressing methods overcoming cyclic redundancy using iterations Setting Validations and Criteria’s Validating data and customizing errors Creating and Modifying List Ranges Integrating dynamic lists with lookup functions and charts Analysing Worksheet Data Sorting database on various constraints Filtering, Extracting and Subtotalling data Filtering rows on complex criteria’s Extracting data and eradicating duplicates Auditing Worksheets What If Analysis Creating and Managing Scenarios Backtracking calculations using Goal Seek Performing tabulations using Data Table Projecting values using solver Advanced Excel Functions Using Date Functions Locating data using Search and Lookup functions Nesting Text functions Learning decision making functions Vlookup function. Learning the limitations of Vlookup Using Index and Match to Overcome the limitations of Vlookup Controlling the display of Cell Error Messages Working with Financial Functions Working with Objects Introduction to Charts. Creating, moving, resizing, and formatting Charts Changing Chart Types, and creating Multiple axis Working with Form controls and illustrations Protecting Data Introduction to Protecting Data Protecting Workbooks, Worksheets, Cells and Ranges Hiding Data and formulas Securing workbook structure and format Report creation and Analysis Introduction to PivotTables and Pivot Charts Creating, Modifying and Deleting Pivot reports Simplifying complex pivot structures Different scenarios or Examples in Pivot Table Creating Pivot Charts

18th Feb 2013

Gyan session - 17.02.2013

Gyan session by Ferry Garg on "Effective Delegation"

17th Feb 2013

Main Session - 17.02.13

Main Session by Dr. Abhishek Somani (MD - Psychiatry) on "Relationship Management"

17th Feb 2013

Time Management Workshop - Half day - 10.02.13

Are you facing a time shortage in your life? Are you missing on deadlines? Are you missing on family life? Are you losing connect with old friends? Are you not able to pay attention to all departments of your business? Are you not able to go to that holiday you desired the most? If YES - Time Management Workshop is the most ideal program you should attend. Join International Trainers Mr Dilip Kamdar and Srikant Sampath for learning how to achieve effective Time Management on 10th Feb 2013 at Peanuts Hotel, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur from 9 AM to 3PM. Participation fee is Rs 300/- for members and Rs 1000 for Non Members. Please book early to avoid disappointment, as there are only 30 seats.

10th Feb 2013

Gyan XL + GBM - 03.02.13

Gyan Xl by Mohammed Master on "Master Mind Group" followed by 3rd General Body meeting.

3rd Feb 2013

Sahasam - Outbound Adventure Camp - 26/27.01.13

Outbound Adventure Camp at Ghorpad. Camp will start on 26th morning and end on 27th evening. Fun, Adventure & Breaking barriers are the key objective. Fee of members is Rs.3200. Program intake is 24 seats only available on first come, first serve basis.

26th Jan 2013

Gyan session - 13.01.13

Vinayak Gavankar on "Memory Techniques"

13th Jan 2013

Main Session - 13.01.13

Amit Rahalkar on American Housing Bubble - Insights & its parallel to India economy.

13th Jan 2013

Gyan session - 06.01.2013

CA Parag Paranjpe on "Direct Cash Transfer & its Impact".

6th Jan 2013

Gyan session - 30.12.12

Vinod Saboo On "Visionary Costing"

30th Dec 2012

Main Session - 30.12.12

Dr. Vedprakash Mishra on "Education and Business Interface"

30th Dec 2012

Main Session - 23.12.12

Vivek Thakral of of Shree Jalaram Fragrance Private Limited, a successful entrepreneur engaged in manufacturing Agarbati's and distribution all over India.

23rd Dec 2012

Gyan session - 23-12-12

Power of Excel by VIshal Agrawal

23rd Dec 2012

VMA Cricket League 2012 - 16-12-12

Tennis ball cricket tournament for members as team building & networking event.

16th Dec 2012

Sunday Session - 09.12.12

Pramod Batra of Admark - One of largest event management companies in central India will share his experiences on how to organize, choose & promote your organization with the help of events / trade fairs.

9th Dec 2012

Gyan XL - 02.12.12

Is innovation easy enough to be successful? How to innovate? How companies have innovated? Gyan XL by Mangesh Joshi on "Innovation" this Sunday.

2nd Dec 2012

Gyan session 25.11.12

Latest threats to your data & protection in this hi-tech age. Gyan on Information Security by Rakesh Andhare. Handouts to all who reach on or before 10.30 AM.

25th Nov 2012

Main Session - 25.11.12

Main Session by Vishal Barbate of Arya group of how to manage three totally different business in a successful manner.

25th Nov 2012

Gyan session - 18.11.12

If U use it, it's free. If U don't, U pay for it. Gyan on tech tools @ zero cost by Gyani Baba - Vinay Sarda Handout for members coming on or before 10.30 AM.

18th Nov 2012

Sunday Main Session - 18.11.12

Learn to maximize output with min inputs from Dr. P K Jain of Aditya Auto, a live example of creating grand business empire under adverse situation.

18th Nov 2012

Sunday Session + 2nd GBM

Chef Vishnu Manohar on \"No Dream Too Big\" Mr. Vishnu Manohar has conducted by 1700 plus TV shows, written 6 recipe books, one large recipe book of 2100 recipes is under way, with Vishnu Ki Rasoi chain of restaurants at Nagpur, Pune, Aurangabad and shortly coming at Bangalore. This one hour session will be followed by 2nd General Body Meeting at 11.30 AM.

11th Nov 2012

Awaken the leader in you

Mrs. Jaya Row Vedant Expert, Author, Motivational speaker & Trainer Fees: Rs. 200 for members; Rs. 400.00 for non members Venue: Persistent Systems Auditorium, IT Park, Opp. VNIT, Nagpur

4th Nov 2012

2 days workshop on 26-27 October

"A Leader Prepares" parables from Mahabharata by Raghu Ananthnarayan. Contact Nitin Pachisia - Project Director @ 98230 59936 for more information

26th Oct 2012

Sunday Session

Chief People Officer of Persistent Systems - Sameer Bendre will take the main session.

21st Oct 2012

Gyan session

Chanda Sindababu on Evaluation of training requirements in a organization.

21st Oct 2012

Is SPA a necessity or a luxury?

Gyan by Nalini Lanjewar

14th Oct 2012

Journey from House wife to a CEO of bakery chain

Tauby Bhagwagar will unravel his journey from being Mrs. Tauby to owner of Tauby\'s chain of bakery stores.

14th Oct 2012

Leadership Demystified!

Vijay Phansikar, Editor of \"The Hitavada\" will share his thoughts on Leadership Demystified.

7th Oct 2012

Agriculture - The Next Big Thing in India

Topic of Gyan by Aniruddha Hazra

7th Oct 2012

Attract Money

Dr. Arun Mishra, A medical doctor, LLM (crime), Post graduation & degrees in many subjects will be the faculty.

30th Sep 2012

Logo's & Brands

Brij Sarda will present Gyann on Logo\'s & Brands - Appoch & Perceptions

30th Sep 2012

Main session

Nirav Panchmatia on \"Investment Secrets of Warren Buffet\"

23rd Sep 2012


Indrajeet Kaur on \"Fast Track CEO Coaching\"

23rd Sep 2012

Main session

Do`s & Don`ts while starting a new business or industry. Learn from the veteran who has started 13 ventures in last 40 years. S N Malu will talk about his journey.

16th Sep 2012

Gyan Session

My learning\'s from \"Walk the Talk\" at Logistics Park

16th Sep 2012


Interactive session on \"How to raise capital based on the valuation of your company\" by Mr Vinayak Gavankar

9th Sep 2012

Walk the Talk by Viren Thakkar of Logistics Park

Witness unique HR Practices, Business Processes and systems, world class infrastructure in this unique event.

5th Sep 2012

Gyan session by Praveen Chandak

How to find out \"True cost of running a vehicle\"

2nd Sep 2012

Main Session

Rukshad Bhagwagar of FORMS, Creative Designer and Businessmen, leading exporter of handicrafts will take session.

2nd Sep 2012

4 hour Workshop

Workshop on \"Know Your Financials\" by CA Swapnil Ghate & Milind Patel. 10.00 AM to 2 PM. Workshop fee is Rs 300.00 for members & Rs. 1,000.00 for non members.

26th Aug 2012

Gyan Session

Gyan session by Sachin Yete on \"Learnings from Olympics.

19th Aug 2012

Main session

Mind Management by Swami Advaitanandaji of Chinmaya Mission.

19th Aug 2012

Main session on 12.08.12

CA Anand Dhoka will enlighten members on recent changes in service tax.

12th Aug 2012

Gyan session

Architect Anand Dhopte on \"Design Optimization of you work place\".

12th Aug 2012

Gyan session on 05.08.12

Gyan session by Saurabh Mohota on \"Earthing\". Importance of Earthing; problems faced in absence of proper earthing.

5th Aug 2012

Main session 05.08.12

CA Nitin Alshi will take session on How to create Effective MIS, Importance on MIS in taking organization to next level. What is strategic management?

5th Aug 2012

Business Quiz

Corporate business quiz by Sachin Jahagirdar

29th Jul 2012

Session on 22.07.12

General Body meeting & Extended Gyan (Gyan XL) by Alok Dhotekar on \"How to be a leader in the crowd?\"

22nd Jul 2012

Main session on 15.07.12

Mr. Anuj Badjate on how to make two different business models run successfully. How you can add value to the society if you are successful in your business.

15th Jul 2012

Panel Discussion on 08.07.12

Panel discussion on Trading Vs Manufacturing. Panelist include Vishal Agrawal of Plasto Industries; Rakesh Surana of Chanvin Industries; Mohammed Master of Wahid Trading; Dipesh of Ajmera of Ajmera Tyres; Akash Agrawal of Akash Furniture\'s & Mukesh Agrawal.

8th Jul 2012

Panel Discussion

Vishal Agrawal of Plasto Industries; Rakesh Surana of Chanvin Industries; Mohammed Master of Wahid Trading; Dipesh Ajmera of Ajmera Tyres; Akash Agrawal of Akash Furniture\'s & Mukesh Agrawal of Ganga Iron.

8th Jul 2012

Gyan session on 01.07.2012

Gyan session by Dipesh Ajmera on \"Probing Interview Techniques\"

1st Jul 2012

Main session on 01.07.2012

Main session by Mr, B. K. Agrawal of Agrawal Plantations on \"Understanding different aspects of commercial life:.

1st Jul 2012

Main session 24.06.12

Mayur Khara of Automark Industries on how find opportunities to grow your business.

24th Jun 2012

VMA Learning Organization

VMA is a learning organization. It believes in updating, reinventing itself to meet future.

Sunday Session on 19-02-2012

CA Rajesh Loya, Chairman of Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank Limited will share insights on taking well managed business to next level. Gyan by Yusuf Master on Power of Positive thinking/ Surviving a Crisis.

Sunday Session on 04-03-2012

Listen to your heart| Learn how life becomes more meaningful when you make your passion your profession. Sameer Nafde Founder Nirzar Film Society.

Sunday Session 0n 08-01-2012

Srikant Sampath, H.R. Trainer and consultant is taking a session on Lean for S.M.E., Gyan by Sidharth Khosla on International Marketing

Sunday Session on 15-01-2012

C.A. Sudhir Baheti will share insight on VASTU. Gyan by Alok Dhotekar

Sunday Session on 05-02-2012

Mr Vijay Mantri CA, CEO of Pramerica Mutual Fund is the speaker and his topic is How SME can grow their business through better financial Management. Rohit Chandak will be taking GYAN on How to approach a business fair

Sunday Session on 18-03-2012

Mr Padmesh Gupta to share the inside story of his journey in building a 3000 crore enterprise. Gyan by Vinayak Gavankar. Time Sharp 10.30 AM

Gyan Session on 19-05-2012

The power of Sub Conscious Mind by Sneha Waghatkar.

Sunday Main Session on 19/05/2012

Shabbir Shakir on \"How to Manage Diversified Lines of Business\".

Annual General Meet on 13th May 2012

All the member are requested to attend the A.G.M for the year 2011-12 at Udyog Bhawan Civil Lines, Nagpur.Meeting will be followed by lunch

Sunday Session on 12-02-2012

Sanjay Arora CEO of Shell Advertising will shares his experience and insight on advertising. Gyan by Expert, Non VMA member

Sunday Main session on 27/05/12

Prashant Ugemuge on \"How to turn business problems into opportunities\"

Gyan session 27.05.12 by Deepak Sonwane

How to recover lost data? Tips & tricks.

Session by Chandra Bhople on 03/06/12

Find practical and effective solutions for your own business challenges.

Gyan contest on 10/06/12 for members

\"Sab Banenge Gyani Contest 2012\". Judges choice awards for winner & runners up. Popular choice award only for winner of the contest. Participation trophy to all the participants.

Gyan session 24.06.2012

\"Optimising worker productivity\" by Mr Vinod Saboo

Art of Speaking !

November 2014 | Sun N Sand | Full-Day Workshop |


On Sunday, August 5, 2018 : A Mega Learning Conclave is happening in Hotel Center Point. The Sunday morning shall have 40 sessions distributed over 4 conference halls. The program content is designed to meet the answers for our day to day business challenges. Specially designed for Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Professionals. The eminent speakers & stalwarts of Nagpur shall deliver the topics. Enroll with Fees of Rs. 1000 (Members) & Rs. 1500 (Non members). Time : 8 AM Breakfast, followed by Sessions & Close by 2 PM with Lunch. Online Pay : Check Details on Facebook. Or call 7888029862

General Body Meeting

First General Body Meeting at 1130 on 12th August 2018. Agenda Items :